I’m Cornbeast and this is my blog about music, synthesizers, diy-electronics, programming, cooking and other things I find interesting. For me this blog is a place to scribble down and share inspiration, experience and knowledge.


  • Tõnu Rääk

    Hi greetings from Tallinn, Estonia. I just discovered your awesome work. How are things going with Step Brother?

  • Chris Arena

    Wondering about those tree stump triggers, very cool. Would you consider selling?

    Looking for something to spruce up my tour, no pun intended 😉

    Chris Arena

  • http://konstantin-prishep.com konstantin

    Hey I saw an older post of yours about the Arduino Boss dr-110 midi project. I was wondering if you could share the the schematic for that. I am hacking one of these and the sync thing is the hardest since it clock is an odd 12. Any help or old files would be appreciated.