Metalphoto CV mixer

Metalphoto panel tryout

I tried out having a front panel made from a local company using metalphoto. This is just for exercise, I just wanted to practice doing design and manufacturing. So this is made for the synovatron diy kit and the dinsyc cv mixer.

Metalphoto is a technique that produces extremely durable aluminum prints, mostly used for industrial signs. One good thing about metalphoto is that It’s cheap compared to other methods (like schaeffer/fpe).

Metalphoto panel

Metalphoto is only 0,5 mm thick, so I had it glued to a thicker aluminum plate to produce a nice eurorack panel. I drilled the holes myself. The result is pretty nice, maybe a bit on the glossy side.

  • Julien

    Looks good !
    Is it MetalPhoto or IDMark ?
    (‘cos MetalPhoto comes in greater thickness, no ?)