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DIY CV mixer design

For practice and fun I made a design for the diy cv mixer I built previously using Synovatron´s kit and DinSync´s schematics.

I have made a 10HP eurorack panel using Front Panel Designer that can be ordered from Front Panel Express / Schaeffer. The panel is 2mm black anodized aluminium, and there are two fill colors used, so it’s quite pricey to order a single one; 37 EUR excluding tax, VAT and shipping.

Polarizing mixer

In addition to this the knobs needs to be ordered from somewhere. The oned used in this design is TE Connectivity / Alcoswitch PKE60B1/4, Similar to the ones used for Doefers Dark Energy. They are 3,2 EUR each including VAT but excluding shipping.

For this I also started making a lot of electronics shapes for Adobe Illustrator, for example Eurorack panels, mini tele jacks, switches and a different knobs that I like.

Comments and feedback appreciated!

  • http://www.davidschwan.com David Schwan

    Any chance of getting the fpd file?